A business you actually love to own

Know what to do and when to do it

Be confident as you grow

Build the right supports

Your values in action

A business should be a theme park not a prison. You built your business to solve someone's problems, to have control over your destiny, and to build community - not just your bank account. Break the cycle of constant choices between attending to your life or to your livelihood. Avoid the missteps natural to growth or change that cost you your time, your sanity, and your money. We believe that helping you to grow both your experience and supports empowers you to course-correct, realign your business to your goals, and grow a business that you actually love to own.

Process Improvement Plan

Get the information you need to know your business is running as it should

Process Improvement Plan

Keep up to date on business financials between your accountant's reports

Process Improvement Plan

Get coaching and feedback to make confident, timely decisions

Process Improvement Plan

Help your teams develop new processes that keep pace with your growing business

Process Improvement Plan

Grow Key People into the roles that your business needs today

Process Improvement Plan

Get CFO-level financial analysis for strategic planning, projections, or new products

A business that owns you is torture...

  • Constant conflict between business, personal, and community life

  • Outdated structures and systems leading to frustration and poor performance

  • Conflict and drama resulting in bad behaviors and missed opportunities


...but when you gather the right talent, use the correct information, and gain the experience to find the right balance for giving up control, you earn the support you need from your team to collaborate, diminish waste, and reduce their dependence on you or your presence.

A business you love to own...

  • A healthy balance between profit and peace of mind

  • Enhances life for you, your customers, and your employees

  • Runs really well, even when you're not around

...leaves you at peace, knowing that your business is on a secure footing, being run efficiently whether you’re present or not. The business you love has your people playing their roles at the highest level, and it's growing daily while your only purpose is to lead everyone forward.


Make the transition from well-paid Employee to Business Owner

Collaboration for Success

1. Let's discuss your goals & definition of success

Assess your Business

2. Let's see what you've built & how it runs

Build a plan of action

3. We'll collaborate with you & your team to build a plan

Side by Side Plan Execution

4. We'll work side-by-side with you to execute the plan

If you’re tired of things not working and not really knowing why, trying to grow a business that doesn't want to scale, are anxious about having cash for big expenses or investments, or frustrated with employees that simply are not meeting expectations...

Let us help.

We want to transform your frenetic days with sleepless nights, buried beneath your business, to productive days with relaxed evenings, enthusiastic about owning a profitable and ethical business. A business where opportunities are acted upon by the talent you have gathered, and you grin as you imagine the possibilities.

Love your Business

Start making changes today

We do more than build businesses...

...We transform lives.

Trusted by the following Companies and Business Owners

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 Through the guidance and mentorship from Sean, not only was I able to start working ON my business, but we grew exponentially! I would recommend Sean to anyone who, like me, struggled with growing and working inside their business.

Joe G.

Elite Physical Therapy

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The financial tools that Sean has either built, or helped us utilize, not only gave me confidence in making calculated business decisions, but gave me peace of mind when I needed it most. Sean is an absolute lifeline for owners and CEOs.

Steve W.


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In a world of business development consultants, Sean Lewis has stood out as one of those individuals who understands what it takes to move a company and its leadership forward...Sean’s thoughtful approach to understanding the needs of a company is what every organization should be looking for in a consultant.

Keith H.

Niagara Label Co. Inc.

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About Us

We believe successful advisors are transparent about what we can and cannot do. We believe that you deserve advice from individuals who don't punch above their weight class. SLC stands for Sean Lewis Collaborations, and I say we throughout this site because SLC Advisory Group was formed with the belief that a great CFO or COO brings together people that add value to your business at just the right time, and that you can trust. Over my career I have worked with exceptionally talented individuals who are incredible at what they do, and who share the same values. I can help you manage a company rebrand, but I would be remiss if I didn't recommend we work with someone who can put together the message that will provide you the greatest impact. I can help you manage a company contraction, but I would be negligent if I didn't recommend the proper council to manage the legalities. With SLC, you will get the right direction from the right source. 

On my own merit, I bring over 25 years of experience growing and running successful businesses with modest to multi-million dollar budgets. I have a long history of serving on area boards, facilitating seminars, and have coached and advised business owners from a multitude of industries. But most important, both myself and the individuals I have collaborated with over the years will respect your values and your definition of success, and we understand that it is our job to make you the rock star, not be the rock star. 

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