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Before the shutdown, Sean worked with my finance and product teams to help them understand our margins better and gave them access to data at their fingertips with the tools he built. Within days of the global pandemic closing our office, Sean was working with me and my team to project our burn rate on cash flow that helped us create a plan that saved jobs and kept us afloat during the most difficult time in company history...Sean is an absolute lifeline for owners and CEOs.

Stephen White


My experience in working with Sean at SLC Advisory Group was just what my company needed. It was an eye opening experience to finally have a better understanding of our financials and what was working for us and what wasn't. We now know where to put our focus and energy and which direction to go. Trying to figure out our numbers on our own was so stressful and the clarity around it has been wonderful. Every business owner needs Sean!

Kim Sauer

Sit n' Stay Pet Services

Sean's ability to analyze a situation and provide detailed solutions is exceptional. [He] seeks to provide advice rooted in moral principals that match a clients core values...Sean is a great fit for business owners looking to simplify their business and their life.

Dave Cervi

Personal Touch Food Service

As a small business owner and technician in my business, I was bogged down with the day to day tasks, and lost my ability to help us grow. Through the guidance and mentorship from Sean, not only was I able to start working ON my business, but we grew exponentially! I would recommend Sean to anyone who, like me, struggled with growing and working inside their business.

Joe Gravino

Elite Physical Therapy

Sean's deep knowledge of the healthcare industry and overall management concepts provided the insights that my company needed to improve our user experience. I would highly recommend Sean's services to anyone in the healthcare industry.

William Zacher, Jr.

Willow Senior Care Platform

[Sean] has a passion for business, for numbers and for making sure the company he's working with is the best they can be. He's been an invaluable resource for me in the years I've known him and I highly recommend him for any project or company.

Valerie Ingold

Commercial Collection Corp. of NY

Through the University at Buffalo Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Sean led a class for Key Management Personnel. Our Chief Technical Officer attended this class and his only complaint was that it came to an end...We look forward to utilizing Sean’s wide breadth of expertise in the future.

Keith Hatswell

Niagara Label Co.



625 Delaware Avenue, Suite 203

Buffalo, New York 14202

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