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“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully.”– Ernest Hemingway

You could say that I was a late bloomer. I took to heart early the advice given to me to never "wish that I had done." Ending a short but meaningful career as an urban planner, I decided to go and do. I recorded and played some music, rode bikes, flew airplanes. Despite living life with a head in the clouds, I always had a foot firmly on the ground. By the grace of good karma at the time my responsibilities warranted it, I found myself with a career in home health care.


Although the years of experience gained running or growing businesses have been essential to being a versatile business advisor, I believe it is the time spent successfully chasing the things that I love that helps me understand how to help you to build a business that you love.

My philosophy for business leadership is greatly influenced by the B-Corp movement, and its tenets regarding social and corporate responsibility. I also believe that building a community around your business inspires love and commitment, and leads to lasting rewards for you, your employees, and your customers.


My experience over the past 25 years included responsibilities that covered pretty much all aspects of financial accountability, business and administrative operations, team development, and more for organizations with modest to multi-million-dollar operating budgets.

More important, I understand the realities of owning a business. The good intentions that lead to a world of exasperation or worry. I grew into business ownership as a Key Person with a passion for solving challenges, and have learned the hard way the frustrations from unintended consequences. Having worked farther along the business cycle, or by integrating these experiences from a variety of industries, I can help you avoid many of those same missteps.


I love that my business is about helping you to love yours. Since you've made it this far, take the next step and let's sit together so I can listen to your goals, your frustrations, and your successes. If I can't help you because I simply don't have the experiences you need, or because I haven't been there or done that, I'm pretty sure that I can connect you to someone I collaborate with who has. Either way, you're one step closer to getting back to a business you actually love to own.

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