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Executive and Leadership Coaching & Development

Better Business Through Better Teams

Grow your experience by sharing ours

  • Skip the trial and error. We'll work with you and your leadership to increase essential skill sets and manage the complexities of your evolving business.

  • Coaching from someone who has traveled a similar path to fast track learning and keep pace with the speed of your growth.

  • Experienced feedback to increase confidence in successful outcomes for your challenges.

  • As the complexity and responsibilities grow, bring understanding of how a leader's natural strengths can both add to or detract from getting positive results from leadership.

Executive Coaching

Coaching for the Business Owner

Grow a stronger business through support, accountability, and experiences, many of which are better learned from proper coaching rather than trial and error.

  • Gain the experience from many different environments, and the benefit of an outsider’s perspective to separate "signals from noise"

  • Have an accountability peer to keep you focused on achieving your goals

  • Develop additional communication styles for managing your business and workforce

  • Receive feedback and options for the dally challenges of running a business

  • Move from start-up to small and medium size business leadership and culture

  • Avoid missteps from the unintended consequences of good intentions

  • Develop the confidence to give up appropriate controls and empower your workforce

Leadership Development

Coaching for Key Leadership

Keep the great people that traveled with you to where you are. You can honor their loyalty and contributions by providing the tools to keep them from being left behind as your business evolves.

  • Move key individuals from thinking like  'managers' to thinking like 'leaders'

  • Link your business strategy to their job 'missions'

  • Develop their financial awareness and competence

  • Provide best practices in exercising leadership

  • Provide the environment to surface challenges along with solutions

  • Translate your company goals into actionable items with measurable outcomes

  • Improve the connections between ownership and workforce

  • Resolve conflicts and increase collaborations

  • Provide opportunities to increase confidence

Coaching gets people from point A to point B by helping to create a path through and around the terrain they need to travel.


With SLC, the connections you develop will be with someone who has walked a similar path.



625 Delaware Avenue, Suite 203

Buffalo, New York 14202

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