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Financial Operations Strategic Oversight

Be confident that your business is running as it should

Know your numbers

Get the same financial, operations, and strategic oversight for which larger companies have dedicated positions, but at a cost and frequency that make sense for your company and your goals. Have the information you need at your fingertips so you can see your progress from week to week, make corrections as necessary, and make confident decisions.

A Fractional Chief Financial and Operating Officer as part of your strategic team also brings:

  • Perspective on strategic direction and financial health

  • Expertise in the implementation of projects or new ventures

  • Redesign of outmoded process, policies, and work flows

  • Direction for compliance with regulations

  • Interim expertise during search and on-boarding

  • Mentoring of internal staff to grow and keep key people, and more

Your Deliverables

 Financial Analysis - CFO

Company Finances & Analysis

  • Monthly reviews of company financial statements

  • CFO perspective on cash flow and managing upcoming challenges

  • Monitor your budget to actual

  • Financial projections and analysis for year-end planning

  • Oversight of bookkeeping, payroll, and financial relationships

  • Quarterly and Annual reporting for boards and partners

  • Guidance for getting from where you are to where you want to be

Strategic Planning

Strategic & Business Planning

  • Streamline planning with living models and pro forma financial statements

  • Real-time information as you move through your decision-making process.

  • Wrap-around strategic planning process, complete with facilitation for your team

  • Authorship and publication formats that highlight the specific needs of your organization, key leaders, or financial institution

  • CFOO perspective and insight into the financial feasibility of goals, profitability analysis, working capital needs, driving change across departments, and more

Operations Management - COO

Business Management & Operations

  • Support in building systems from the ground up or revising current systems

  • Collaboration with your team in executing process

  • Development of tools to monitor measures of success

  • Development and use of departmental dashboards to track and understand company progress

  • Reporting on key numbers from week to week to anticipate needed course corrections, and more

Define your Success

1. Let's discuss your goals & definition of success

Assess your Business

2. Let's see what you've built & how it runs

Build a Plan of Action

3. We'll collaborate with you & your team to build a plan

Support for Plan Execution

4. We'll work side-by-side with you to execute the plan


Break the endless cycle of frenetic days with little progress, and achieve a better balance between spending your time growing your business or being buried by it...

...Get the benefits of a strategic "goal partner" and receive the financial expertise, operations experience, and side-by-side execution you need to be confident that your business is running as it should while you're doing what you need.



625 Delaware Avenue, Suite 203

Buffalo, New York 14202

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