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The Power of Inspiration?

A leader by example.

The power of collective expression when ignited by that example.

The events unfolding today are a stark reminder that when a leader by example ignites the power of collective expression, in the age of social media and smartphone technology, the power is strong enough to disseminate inspiration around the world, and far quicker than it used to take the Concorde to make the trip from London to New York.

Like many at this moment, I believe that we are at the crossroads to choose between looking toward the future of what could be, or returning to past and accepting what was.

A bright future has our businesses taking this inspiration to collectively enhance the lives of everyone that touches them...customers, employees, and owners alike. Our business leaders generating the enthusiasm to build the business models that accomplish that, such as B-Corps, for example, as well the many that are not so large, so famous, or as officially recognized.

Today’s challenges to our core beliefs are many. Convoys. Great Recession. Covid assistance. Global Warming. Great conflicts, famines, and much, much more.

The world has changed, is changing even more, and at a rate more rapid than ever before. When faced with such changes, we are presented with choices between principles.

The principle of uplifting our people or the principle of suppressing our people.

I believe that now more than ever, our businesses are currently a roadmap showing the paths to either the future or to the past.

This week, inspiration has been set in motion and collective expression has nurtured it. If we as businesses can also agree to be a collective expression for uplifting our people then our turn toward the future will be bright.

Whether by action or inaction, a choice will be made.

Make the choice to be uplifting, and then be inspiring enough to ignite the will of the people to choose the same by living the example.


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