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Consultants are like restaurants.

Make a great consulting connection

If you’re in the mood for Italian, there are at least a dozen or so great ones in your area. Your BFF swears by that little, eight table history lesson on the corner. Maybe she’s right, but she does love things sweet. If you’re curious enough, and after a few comparisons, you’ll decide for yourself who’s sauce is best. You’ll both be right.

I don’t believe it’s really any different for choosing the perfect consultant. When your business is hungry for outside experience, the streets are lined with consultants who can serve up an award-winning Lasagna. There’s likely one whose recipe is going to best befit your taste. It will be worth your while to not just take your friend’s word for it. Sit at a few tables. Distinguish the different aromas for yourself.

When you find “the one,” you’ll know it right away. That’s the power of connection. You’re better off with an average talent that’s made a great connection than a 5-star review whose lighting’s too dim for your taste. That’s because your entire experience affects the flavor. Connection is the secret in the sauce that determines the zest in your results.

Connection drives influence. Influence compels action. Action precipitates progress. Find the experienced consultant with whom you best connect. You’ll be served a recipe that suits your appetite for change. I promise you’ll love how the results taste.

Photo Credit: Website: freepik . com User: @pressfoto


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